Geographic Information System (GIS)

Coreocean Solutions LLP is one of the leading turnkey providers of GIS and GPS solutions (hardware & software products) and services to clients in India and abroad. With over a decade of experience in this field, the company delivers targeted business solutions across the entire geospatial value chain from data to software, from modeling to analytics and consulting. We help clients unlock business value and differentiate by providing them customized products that require minimum configuration.

Recently, we successfully delivered innovative projects involving survey and mapping services. Our 1000-strong team of technical and professional surveyors undertake some of the most complex and daunting projects across urban solution and infrastructure sectors. Our country-wide presence, with a large network of regional offices, has ensured that clients have the ability to tap not just the urban but the regional and rural markets as well. We have ever growing survey teams who use the latest terrestrial scanners, back-pack scanners, GPR, LiDAR scanners and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

Our GIS services and solutions include Laser Scanning and 360 Degree panoramic image Surveys, Construction and Engineering Surveys, Provision of Survey Control Networks, GIS Services, Geospatial Modeling, Vegetation Assessments & Terrain Modeling, 3D Feature Modeling, Project Support, Geospatial Software and Spatial Data Products.

GIS and Remote Sensing Services

To tackle today’s data explosion—be it from resource-hungry applications or growing mission critical data—Coreocean Solutions LLP equips organizations with the right kind of infrastructure. Depending on business needs, our clients can choose from a vast array of storage solutions.

Geospatial Modeling

The Coreocean Solutions LLP’ Unified Computing System is a next generation data center platform that integrates computing, networking and storage resources to increase efficiency of IT operations and enable centralized management. The solution allows clients to easily provision and deploy servers and manage sprawl, processor and memory hungry applications. It also enables organizations to decrease power, heating, cooling and cabling costs.

Vegetation Assessments & Terrain Modeling

The visualization Service enables clients to right-size the capacity, resiliency and efficiency of their data centers. Organizations can also have increased security & administrative control of the data centers and reduced costs as they will be able to run multiple virtual machines with a single physical machine through visualization and joint solutions with VMWare. The IT staff will be able to manage double or triple the numbers of servers, while retaining centralized control. Thus, visualization makes IT operations more efficient and effective, while increasing service availability.

3D Laser Scanning and Point Cloud Surveys

The Backup and Recovery Services reduce project risk by managing complexity, costs as well as the schedule, while helping the clients meet critical application needs for their businesses. Coreocean Solutions LLP uses specialized data migration techniques for a seamless movement of applications and data, while reducing risk and unplanned outages. The company also assists with upgrades, installation and systems testing and equipment modification besides 24/7 data monitoring. We also proactively monitor each and every backup.

3D Feature Modeling

The company’s country-wide infrastructure and data centers along with integrated networks help clients achieve growth efficiently. Tailored to meet business needs and out comes, the data center networking solution not only enhances the performance of applications across all devices at all locations, but also provides the ability to deploy new applications to all locations within the domain. Coreocean Solutions LLP also has pervasive security measures that protect client applications, infrastructure, data, users and devices from any kind of fraud.

Construction and Engineering Surveys

The company’s Private Cloud Service provides data center infrastructure, dedicated cloud computing hardware, dedicated cloud computing software with full (or sole) administrative control, and 24/7 live on site technical support. The emphasis is on creating an enterprise-grade architecture, with the speed, flexibility and full control of the private cloud. The company’s specialists help organizations move their apps as-is to the Cloud; re-factor them for use in development and application workload models; build open, cloud-native apps and run them anywhere; and open up enterprise data centers to work with cloud services.

Project Support

Coreocean Solutions LLP routinely provides GIS and cartographic support to large multi-disciplinary projects. Our role is typically to establish and manage the project GIS database, including the development of policies and procedures for data transfer, version control and meta data standards. We help organizations/businesses understand, question, interpret and visualize data in a number of ways that can reveal relationships, patterns and trends in the form of maps, globes, reports and charts. Coreocean Solutions LLP also provides services like Project Location, Site Plan, Excavation Limits, Conceptual Site Models using standard Cartography practices, engineering drawings, data manipulation, GPS Uploading and Downloading of data and Confirmatory Soil Sampling figures. We understand the need for different capabilities on a project and hence work extensively with specialists in diverse fields like mining/exploration; environment; urban design/planning; surveying and forestry. Our experts can provide the below services:

  • General Cartographic Services
  • Site Suitability Studies
  • Best Path Routing and Analysis
  • Watershed and Sub-Watershed Delineation
  • Open Pit / Waste Rock Pile Volume Estimates
  • Geological Mapping
  • Land Cover Statistic Calculations
  • Spatial Interpolations

Geospatial Survey Software

With cutting-edge technology and streamlined work flows, Coreocean Solutions LLP solutions enhance client productivity and deliverables by taking all the hassle out of GIS data collection. The company’s sophisticated GIS data collection software solution allows organizations to streamline work flows, whether in office or at the field. Fast, efficient geospatial data collection across many devices, direct integration with field hardware environment, streamlined data management and keeping the existing information up-to-date, are some of our key differentiators. Coreocean Solutions LLP works with a range of spatial software applications, including industry standard GIS applications and web-based content delivery. We also assist in training, independent product evaluation and advice.

Spatial Data Products

Coreocean Solutions LLP spatial data services deliver the highest quality data products to organizations whose needs include Mapping, Built and Natural Terrain Modeling, Survey, GIS/LIS Technologies, Geospatial Web, and Asset Inventory. The company’s knowledgeable and experienced staff integrates the disciplines of Mapping, Geodetic and Engineering Surveying, Photo grammetry, Remote Sensing, Aerial and ground-based LiDAR Surveys, and Spatial Computing and Analysis. They will help in choosing which Spatial Data Products are appropriate for a project and then help with these products in any preferred format. Coreocean IT Infrastructures uses the most current and efficient data gathering tools and computing environments to provide effective mapping solutions to our customers. The company also provides data fusion services, combining LiDAR data with aerial imagery, satellite imagery and other spatial data for more complex analysis tasks such as feature extraction and vegetation species mapping.


  • Core Ocean Solutions LLP brought latest technologies & solutions in GIS in our recent engagement. Am quite impressed with Team Core Ocean on their ability to perform in large implementations. Our current momentum is great with Core Ocean team.

    - Vinod Manore -
  • We would like to place on record our appreciation for the efforts of Core Ocean team for completing the branch connectivity & VC on time. Today, we have been able to ramp up significantly as per our schedule, due to the coordinated efforts of your team. We are happy with the partnership.

    - Shradhda Baviskar -
  • Core Ocean Solutions provided data connectivity solution specific to our business needs unifying the group companies onto a single IT platform. Throughout their engagement they demonstrated deep domain expertise, proven delivery capabilities & were flexible/supportive. We wish Core Ocean all the best for their future endeavors.

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